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Madrassas and mosques are factories of humanization. The rhetoric against them is unbearable. Khalid Anwar

Patna, June 9 (PTI) Senior JDU leader MLC Dr Khalid Anwar today lamented the bomb blast at a madrassa in Banka district and expressed outrage at those who linked the incident to religious violence. Is . He said that painting a small accident as religious hatred was a sign of narrow mindedness. JD (U) leader Dr Noor said that the statement made by a BJP MLA regarding the incident at Banka Madrassa was very unfortunate. No matter how much it is condemned. Humanities are taught in the madrassas and mosques of Bihar, the work of decorating and beautifying humanity is done. Patriotism is taught. To think that terrorism is taught in madrassas is an argument of a bad mind. And it is very unfortunate to make such an accusation and demand inspection of mosques and madrassas under the guise of an accident. I strongly condemn it. He said that the people of madrassas and mosques have proved that they work for humanity. They work to educate the poor and needy. No such incident has taken place in Bihar till date, as is being said today. I reject all such allegations. At the same time, I appeal to the people of Bihar not to pay attention to the words of such misleading people. The Member Legislative Council said that there is a Nitish Kumar government in Bihar and there is no abuse. No one will be tolerated. As far as Banka is concerned, the school in which the blast took place is being investigated. Those who are guilty will be punished in any case. But it is not right to target a community, a nation or an institution or a religious place under the guise of this. No matter how much it is condemned. One person was killed and several others were injured in a blast at a madrassa in Notolia village of Una police station in Banka district on Tuesday morning. Police are investigating on a large scale, who conspired. So far, it has not been revealed. But in the meantime, Hari Bhushan Thakur, a BJP MLA from Basfi, is busy baking his political bread by calling madrassas and mosques as bases of terrorism.