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Leading lawyer and All India Muslim Personal Law member and spokesman Syed Zafar Yab Jilani to brain hemorrhage


Lucknow: Leading lawyer of the country and member of All India Muslim Personal Board and spokesman Syed Zafaryab Jilani has suffered a brain hemorrhage and Masood Jilani and other family members are taking him to Maidanta Hospital. He reportedly suffered a brain haemorrhage after slipping off the steps of his office at Islamia College. He was given first aid at Avicenna Hospital and was later shifted to Maidanta Hospital.
According to Zafaryab Jilani’s younger brother Masood Jilani, Zafaryab Jilani is still in a coma. Explain that this accident took place in Islamia College located in Lal Bagh. The Babri Masjid Action Committee has its office in Islamia College and they work there every day. Zafaryab Jilani has also been the convener of Babri Masjid Action Committee.


Lucknow: After black fungus, now dangerous white fungus

Lucknow: After black fungus, white fungus disease has also started spreading which is more dangerous than black fungus. According to media reports, four cases of white fungus have been identified in Patna, Bihar. It is said to be the leading cause of lung infections. At the same time, the fungus affects the human skin, nails, the inside of the mouth, intestines, kidneys, organs and the brain. Dr. SN Singh, Head, Department of Microbiology, Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH), while reporting the disease and four patients in Patna, said that all the four patients had corona-like symptoms. All three of these patients (Rapid Antigen, Rapid Andy Body and RT-PCR) were tested, but all three reported negative. Corona-related medications were also not working in these patients. In such cases, further investigation revealed that they were affected by white fungus. Dr Singh says that when these patients were given antifungal drugs, they recovered.