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APPEAL to Help Amair Ahmed*


It’s an Emergency Case . Myself Amair Ahmed, Age: 26 yrs, R/o:- Chanchalguda
Hyderabad. I’m suffering from Spine Tuberculosis (T.B) since last 2 years.
In 2019 I got Operated for Cervical ( neck bone ) Stabilization Surgery. You people helped me financially for my first Surgery, I’m very much thankful to each and everyone. Since 2019 I was on bed rest, followed up with treatment, even though infection got spread over the whole spine and completely damaged my Lumbar.

Dr. Advised me for L4 Lumbar Stabilization Surgery with BIOPSY, immediately. It’s Estimation is going up to 5,23,000 (Five Lakhs Twenty three Thousand) As you all may be knowing I already Tried For CMRF But state government has totally stopped Aarogyashri and no sanctions are been given under CMRF.
I’m not able to bear the expenses and cost of this Surgery.
Kindly donate whatever amount you can to help me out in this critical situation.
Dr. said I have to get Operated as soon as possible or else I won’t be stable nor be able to walk.
Name:Amair Ahmed
A/c: 918010062537387
IFSC Code: UTIB0003172
Axis Bank, Malakpet Branch.
G-pay: +918686673127
Phone-pay: +918686673127
Contact number: +918977490692



Courage for corona patients .. To doctors: CM KCR congratulations *

Hyderabad: Chief Minister KCR visited Gandhi Hospital in the city on Wednesday afternoon. The services available to Corona patients were reviewed. The CM consulted patients being treated in the Corona Emergency Ward and told them to be brave. CM KCR congratulated the doctors who are treating the corona patients in such catastrophic situations.

In addition to Kovid treatment, the availability of oxygen and drugs will be reviewed and discussed. It is known that at present the medical health department is being overseen by the CM KCR himself. CM KCR was accompanied by Minister Harish Rao, Chief Secretary to Government Somesh Kumar and health officials.

Police have set up strong security at Gandhi Hospital in the wake of CM KCR’s visit. Patient aides were sent outside. Gandhi was sprayed with chemicals on the hospital premises.


UN General Assembly convenes tomorrow on Gaza situation

United Nations: At the request of the Permanent Representative of Algeria, the President of the United Nations General Assembly, Vulcan Bozkar, convened a meeting on May 20 on the issue of the ongoing Israeli aggression in Palestine. “I received a letter on May 17 from Algeria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Abdu Abara, as a member of Algeria in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Arab Group,” he said. Requested that the situation in the Middle East be discussed under agenda item 37 and the Palestinian issue under item 38. The President of the General Assembly said, “In this regard, I have convened a meeting of the General Assembly on Thursday, May 20. The General Assembly Hall will convene at 10 am on 2021 at the UN Headquarters, where a joint discussion will be held during the 75th Session on Agenda 37 and 38. He said that the meeting of all members will be open It will be broadcast live on TV. ”Meanwhile, despite the strong appeal of the international community, between Palestine and Israel Norway’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations said in a statement on Monday that the UN Security Council would resume talks on Tuesday on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Telangana Private Hospitals overcharging, Lodge Complaint On this Number

Hyderabad: Health authorities in Telangana on Tuesday cautioned people to be wary of private hospitals overcharging patients for providing COVID-19 treatment.

Addressing a press conference here, Director of Public Health and Family Welfare Dr G. Srinivasa Rao said action was being taken against private hospitals for overcharging COVID-19 patients.

A private hospital’s license to treat COVID-19 cases has been cancelled while show cause notices have been issued to three more hospitals for excess billing or injudicious oxygen usage, Rao said.

Register complaint here

Rao said grievances regarding medical services and billing by private hospitals can be lodged through Whatsapp number 9154170960.

He pointed out that 26 complaints against private hospitals have already been lodged on this number.


ہم وزیر اعظم کی نافہمی کی قیمت ادا کر رہے ہیں، شاہد جمیل کے استعفیٰ پر اویسی کا اظہار خیال

ملک کے مشہور اورماہر وائرسولوجسٹ شاہد جمیل نے سائنسدانوں کے فورم آف ایڈوائزری گروپ سے استعفیٰ دے دیاہے۔ان کے استعفے کے بعد سیاسی بیان بازی شروع ہوگئی۔ اے آئی ایم آئی ایم کے صدر اور رکن پارلیمنٹ اسدالدین اویسی نے مرکزی حکومت کو نشانہ بنایا ہے۔ انہوں نے الزام لگایاہے کہ آئی این ایس اے سی اوجی نے وزیر اعظم آفس کوخطرناک وبا کے بارے میں آگاہ کیاتھالیکن حکومت نے اس پر کوئی توجہ نہیں دی۔ یہ فورم کوروناوائرس کی مختلف اقسام کا پتہ لگانے کے لیے تشکیل دیا گیا تھا۔ جمیل سائنسی ایڈوائزری گروپ کے فورم INSACOG کے چیئرمین تھے۔پیرکے روزاپنے ٹویٹ میں اویسی نے لکھا ہے کہ یہ ایک سرکاری سائنسی مشاورتی گروپ ہے جس کے صدر ایس جمیل نے استعفیٰ دے دیاہے۔ اس نے مارچ کے اوائل میں وزیر اعظم کے دفتر کو خطرناک انڈین مومنٹ کے بارے میں متنبہ کیا تھالیکن حکومت نے اس طرف کوئی توجہ نہیں دی۔ جمیل نے کھلے عام کہاہے کہ حکومت نے سائنس کو کوئی اہمیت نہیں دی۔ ہم مودی کی سائنسی تفہیم کی قیمت ادا کر رہے ہیں۔


Lockdown :Hyderabad Cops Are Soft, but strike On Violators

lockdown, there is one glaring difference that is visible. This time, the approach of the police, so far, has been different. Soft, but strict. Strict, but not harsh.

Ever since the State government announced the lockdown, police in the three commissionerates in the capital region have been working round the clock to ensure maximum compliance of the lockdown. Apart from creating awareness among people, the cops have also not gone too soft, with strict action being taken against those violating the norms.

According to officials, more than 45,000 people have been booked for violating various Covid-19 guidelines in Hyderabad, Rachakonda and Cyberabad in the last five days.