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Rains keep Temperature down in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Though monsoon appears to be two weeks away officially, people in the city woke up to a pleasant morning on Thursday after rains lashed the city on Wednesday night, which led to the day temperatures falling sharply.

According to the India Meteorological Department, Hyderabad, the day temperature on Thursday was 31.6 degrees Celsius, a seven-degree drop from the normal temperature this time of the season. Even the minimum temperature dropped by three degrees last night to settle at 23.1 degrees Celsius. According to the Telangana State Development Planning Society, during the last 24 hours, the highest rainfall of 34.7 mm was recorded at Ramachandrapuram while the maximum temperature of 35.7 degrees Celsius was recorded at Hayathnagar.

On the other hand, with the monsoon advancing into the South Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep area, south Kerala and south Tamil Nadu, Telangana was expected to get monsoon rains in another two weeks.
According to Dr K Nagaratna, Director, IMD, Hyderabad, the monsoon was expected to hit the State in the second week of June.

“And the rains then will be normal. The northeastern and northern parts of Telangana are likely to receive excess rainfall. The other parts will witness below to normal rainfall this year,” she said. Talking about the present weather conditions, she said the rains were due to a north-south trough running from Telangana to south Tamil Nadu. “There is also a cyclonic circulation over south Chhattisgarh and neighbouring States. We will see light to moderate rains in the city due to the same,” she added.

The IMD has also issued a thunderstorm warning for several districts of Telangana. As per the warning, thunderstorms accompanied with lightning, gusty winds between 30 and 40 kmph, and hailstorm were very likely to occur in districts including Bhadradri Kothagudem, Khammam, Warangal (Rural), Warangal (Urban), Wanaparthy and Rangareddy with heavy to very heavy rains for the next four days.
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Heavy rains lash many parts of Telangana

Hyderabad, June 3 With the onset of Southwest monsoon on the Kerala coast, heavy rains lashed several parts of Telangana since early hours of Thursday, met officials said.

Many districts received rains with lightening and gusty winds, inundating low-lying areas and damaging paddy kept in paddy procurement centres at several places.

Narayanpet, Jogulamna Gadwal, Wanaparthy, Nagarkurnool, Mahabubnagar, Vikarabad, Sangareddy, Nalgonda, Khammam, Rangareddy, Hyderabad, Medchal Malkajgiri and other districts received the rains.

Hyderabad Meteorological Centre has forecast light to moderate thunderstorm/rain with lightening and gusty winds with speed 30 km per hour or more in several districts.
Rains submerged roads and also disrupted electricity supply at some places. Farmers who had stored paddy at procurement centres set up by the authorities were worried over the losses.

Rain water also flooded the premises of Yadadri temple, affecting Suprabhatha seva early Thursday morning.

According to Telangana State Development Planning Society (TSDPS), Bejgao in Siddipet received very heavy rainfall of 122.8 mm since 08.30 am on Wednesday to 6 a.m. on Thursday.

Pothareddipet in Siddipet recorded 112 mm rainfall followed by 105 in Thipparam in the same district, 92.8 mm in Garidepalle in Suryapet and 92 mm in Mahabubnagar.

Parts of Medak, Nalgonda, Nagarkurnool, Karimnagar, Warangal Rural, Narayanpet and Sangareddy received 68.5 to 86 mm rainfall.

In Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), Kaktaiya Hills Madhapur recorded highest rainfall of 50.3 mm, followed by 46.5 mm in Khajaguda Sports Complex Gachibowli, 42 mm at PJR Stadium, Chandanagar.

Meanwhile, Hyderabad Meteorological Centre has forecast rains in several parts of Telangana till June 6. It forecast thunderstorm accompanied with lightening and gusty winds (30-40 km) at isolated places in all districts on Thursday.

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What the police did was good! Girl prostitute and boy vagrant: Mumtaz Ahmad Khan

Hyderabad. While there is public outrage over the police operation in the old city area, on the other hand, the police have the full support of the elected representatives. Following the Mughalpura incident, various comments and audio call recordings have been circulating on social media about the police action and measures, in which the audio recording of Assembly member Mumtaz Ahmad Khan has become a topic of discussion in which he justified the Mughalpura police action. He declared the arrested Muslim youths as vagrants. The burqa-clad girl who was hanging out with a Hindu Bihari boy was described as immoral and obscene. Audio recordings on the scene have spread like wildfire in the old city. In it, the person who spoke to Mumtaz Khan pulled him well. When Mumtaz Khan asked him to come home and talk face to face, the boy told him that he would come home if he asked for votes but he would ask me to come home to explain the problem. Mumtaz Khan got angry at the caller and threatened to reach home after finding the number and said that he has lived in this area all his life and I know who he is. The caller scolded Mumtaz Ahmad Khan for hitting him with a slipper and said that he did not know how to speak. The virality of this exciting audio call recording has caused a stir in the old city. Caller asked for some help and support and said that why not come forward in any matter while being a Muslim representative? It is interesting to note here that such an audio call recording came to light which is said to be of Mughalpura Inspector and Corporator in which the female Corporator condemned the police atrocities on Muslim youth and spoke in support of them. Of However, the separate stance of a corporator and a member of the Assembly belonging to the same party has caused concern and uneasiness among the people of the old city who are very much disturbed by the alleged atrocities of the police these days.
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For The Convenient Of Public Kukatpally Police Arranged Separate Lane’s for 2 Wheeler, 3 and 4 Wheelers And Ambulance.

For The Convenient Of Public Kukatpally Police Arranged Separate Lane’s for 2 Wheeler, 3 and 4 Wheelers And Ambulance.

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Wahdat-e-Islami declares Modi government’s latest citizenship notification illegal

It may be recalled that a notification has been issued by the Central Government on the basis of the Citizenship Act, 1955, in which it has been ordered to grant citizenship to minorities of neighboring countries in 13 districts. Among the minorities, only Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians have been included in this regard. The Joint Secretary or Collector has been given the power to grant citizenship in the respective cities if he is satisfied. Zia-ud-Din Siddiqui, secretary general of Wahdat-e-Islami India, demanded immediate withdrawal of the notification, saying it was illegal as it violated fundamental rights of the constitution. The statement said that the central government has no legal right to issue such an order as it is fundamentally against the fundamental rights of the constitution.

The statement said that under the 1955 Citizenship Act, no caste or religion can be specified for granting citizenship. The details of the CAA, which has the status of an amendment in this regard, have not yet been decided. His case is also pending in court. The statement called for immediate withdrawal of the notification and appealed to the public to challenge it in court.

The statement said the country was still battling the Korna epidemic and the government was in a hurry to enact a law on which there was a large disagreement. Trying to enforce this law by violating the fundamental rights of a large minority of the country is a direct implementation of the Hindutva agenda. The problem of 3 laws made for farmers has not been solved yet, the whole movement of Shaheen Bagh on issues like CAA, NRC and NPR is testifying that these laws should be put in the cold storage now, but the same issues have been repeated. The focus is on the Sochi scheme. The way laws are being enforced from Kashmir to Lakshadweep smells of hatred and politics. The situation in Assam, Bengal and UP has exposed the true face of the government. In such a situation, taking advantage of the lockout, the government is pursuing such policies. The statement appealed to the people, especially Muslims, to wake up and fight for their rights with justice. Such problems can only be solved through resistance with faith, unity and perseverance.


Several cops Contracted Covid on duty must follow pracaotions, Hyderabad Police Commissioner

Hyderabad City Police Commissioner, Anjani Kumar, on Monday visited the city’s Gandhi Hospital, a complete COVID hospital, to boost up the confidence of police personnel deployed there and asked them to stick to the safety norms.

“In the second wave of COVID-19, several police personnel were infected with the virus. More than 250 policemen are on duty here with great courage, hence I am congratulating everyone on duty at the hospital. The police must use sanitisers and wear masks properly wherever they are on duty,” Kumar said.

“Police are on the frontline duty for the welfare of the people.

I urge people to cooperate with the police in the lockdown. People should reach their destinations within time as per government orders,” the Police Commissioner added.

He further said that the police are working round the clock relentlessly for the safety and security of the people.

Kumar advised the public not to misuse the flexible lockdown norms which were laid out by the state government on Sunday.

Speaking to ANI, Kumar said, “Today is the first day of the implementation of the revised lockdown guidelines that has been issued by the state government on Sunday. As per the order, the lockdown has been extended for 10 more days and the relaxation time has also been increased for essential works.”

As part of his inspection of various check posts, he was visiting Gandhi Hospital to meet the police officers deployed there. He said Gandhi Hospital is one of the pioneer hospitals which are treating COVID-19 patients not just from Telangana.


Telangana school summer holidays extended till June 15

Hyderabad: May 31 (Message of Humanity) All schools and DET colleges in Telangana will remain closed till June 15, as the school education department has extended the ongoing summer vacation on Monday. The decision was taken after a review meeting of the Director of School Education with Education Minister Sabita Indira Reddy. The decision to extend the summer holidays came after the state government on Sunday extended the lockdown for another ten days, issuing instructions to keep all educational institutions closed. The state education department had earlier announced summer vacations from April 27 to May 31.



Special court to hear Bhinsa violence case

Hyderabad, May 31 (UNI) A special court has been set up to hear the case of violence in Bhinsa Town in Telangana’s Nirmal district.

The government had asked the High Court to set up a special court to hear the matter.

Reacting, the High Court issued orders to the Adilabad First Additional Court to set up a special court.



Delete Palestine support post on Facebook and Instagram

Attempts to weaken the voice of the Palestinian people, measures to save Israel a headache

Hyderabad: Social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, have started removing pro-Palestinian posts and thus trying to weaken the voice of those who support the Palestinian people. The public is being supported and every person who supports humanity on social media is supporting the oppressed Palestinians in their own way. In such a situation, this method of smoothing public opinion also began to be disliked by Facebook. This is because a pro-Palestinian post on Instagram, another social media platform of Facebook and Facebook itself, has been removed as a post supporting violence and it is being said that those who are Palestinians or oppressed Palestinians They are raising their voices for the rights and protection of Al-Aqsa Mosque. They are supporting the violence. Opponents of Israeli violence on Facebook and supporters of the oppressed Palestinians are being warned that their Facebook account will be blocked. Will be rejected because they are supporting violence. Recently by an Arabic artist The image of the Dome of the Rock was published in newspapers around the world by the artist on the wreckage, but the image was removed from Instagram and Facebook, prompting warnings for those who posted and shared the image. It was said that if such a post is made, the Facebook and Instagram accounts will be rejected and this post has been called a post inciting violence. During the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine. Following the post, Israel is now using social media to try to prevent the realization of the facts that have been inflicted on Palestinians in the name of war. The rights of oppressed Palestinians and their support on social media Attempts to stifle and stifle voices have made it appear that support for the Palestinian cause through social media has become a headache for Israel, which is why this approach is now being adopted.


Now the name of Neckles Road has also been changed to PV Narasimha Rao Marg

Hyderabad. The state government’s love affair with the late former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao is getting longer. Now the state cabinet has decided to change the name of the city’s Necklace Road to PV Narasimha Rao Marg. The proposal was approved in the cabinet meeting and it was said that the cabinet has decided to change the name of Nichols Road in the context of the centenary celebrations of the late PV Narasimha Rao. His new name has been changed to PV Narasimha Rao. Besides, the state cabinet has also decided to hold Telangana Foundation Day celebrations in a limited manner with Korona guidelines. It has been said that the founding day ceremonies will be conducted in a simple manner and the participation of minimum number of people in these ceremonies will be ensured. Ministers in charge of districts will participate.