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Hyderabad:9 arrested for celebrating birthday with sword, dagger during lockdown

Police in Hyderabad have arrested nine people for violating the Covid-19 lockdown guidelines. The arrested, and many others, were reportedly celebrating at a birthday party with sword and knife, and without masks or any other pandemic protocol.

Visuals of the party, which was organized in Habeeb Nagar Police Station limits of Hyderabad on Wednesday, went viral on social media, leading to police booking a case under the Arms Act and 188, 269, 51(b) Disaster Management Act, Epidemic Act and violation of Covid-19 guidelines.

At least five people were seen with either a sword or a knife and none of them had put a mask on their faces.
Reportedly, the police seized the swords and daggers, while taking in custody the nine responsible for arranging the birthday party out on the road.

Meanwhile, Telangana on Wednesday reported 1,813 new Covid-19 cases, taking the state’s total tally to 5,96,813. The total number of deaths rose to 3,426 after 17 new fatalities were reported.
Khammam district accounted for the most number of cases with 180, followed by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (179) and Nalgonda (145), a state government bulletin said.

It said 1,801 people recovered from the infectious disease on Wednesday, taking the cumulative number of recoveries to 5,69,086. The number of active cases was 24,301. The bulletin said 1,29,896 samples were tested on Wednesday and the total number of samples tested till date was 1,62,57,268. The samples tested per million population were 4,36,788.

The case fatality and recovery rates were at 0.57 per cent and 95.35 per cent, respectively.
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To earna living after husband’s death Hyderabad women start selling vegetables

In order to earn a living and make sure her 4-year-old son does not sleep hungry after her husband’s death, a woman is trying to make ends meet by selling vegetables on the streets in Hyderabad’s Old City with her child walking beside her.

Six months back, the husband of Reshma Begum, who was an auto driver, passed away and since then it has been hard for Reshma to look after her 4-year-old son and herself.

Speaking to ANI, Reshma said, “Initially, I used to work as a maid at several houses and used to earn money for my family. But due to this coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown implemented due to the disease, I lost work and further couldn’t find any.
Though it was hard to feed ourselves during the lockdown, we used to have something for our survival. But then 6 months back, my husband passed away and since then it has been very difficult for me to survive and look after my son who is just 4-years-old.”

To get out of her circumstances and start earning a living, Reshma decided to sell vegetables by buying a cart and selling vegetables from street to street.

“I want to feed my son and make sure that he doesn’t starve. That is why I have decided to start earning by selling vegetables on a cart moving from street to street. But I don’t even have money to buy a cart. So, I borrowed a vegetable cart by mortgaging my anklets. I started this two days ago and for the last two days, I was left with nothing. I have spent even more than what I am earning now, said Reshma.

She further said, “Yesterday I was able to earn around Rs 750 while the vegetable stock that I purchased was around Rs 1,500. Out of the Rs 750 that I earned, I have to pay a rent of Rs 100 for the vegetable cart and with the rest of the money I have to buy the vegetable to sell the same for the next day, ” Reshma mentioned.

Unable to generate good income by selling vegetables, Reshma is still hopeful for a better tomorrow.

“It’s been two days that I have been running this vegetable cart and have not earned anything, but I hope in the coming few days, I will have something so that I can feed my son and myself.”

Reshma appealed to the Government to help her so that she and her son wouldn’t starve to death. She further mentioned that several people across the country have been facing similar or even bigger problems due to lack of money.

“Many people, especially during the lockdown and pandemic, have been facing several problems and are unable to feed themselves,” she said.

She said that for now, she is being able to feed her son, stating that she is worried about his future

“I am more worried about my son’s future, about his education and as he grows, his expenses will also rise. I have no idea what to do, ” she said.
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MS Academy offers free education for inter, degree students who lost parents to COVID-19

Hyderabad: At a time when a number of families have lost their near and dear ones during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MS Academy has come forward to lend a helping hand to the students who have lost their father to COVID-19 pandemic by offering free education for intermediate and degree students.

In Hyderabad and across India, many families have been hit by financial difficulties, as breadwinners have lost their lives. This often results in children getting into vulnerable situations, with access to education and a better life being ost.

Several educational institutions and organisations apart from the government have come forward to help them in these difficult times, and so has MS Education Academy, Hyderabad.
Speaking to, MS Academy chairman Mohammed Lateef Khan explained, “MS is a home for orphans. We have always had special place for them in our institutions and celebrated himmat day every year to inspire them. Being an orphan myself, I know how losing a father would mean losing basic necessities of life including education.”

Khan further said those who have been orphaned due to COVID-19 right after their SSC are extremely vulnerable. “They are resorting to odd jobs instead of joining junior college for further studies,” he added.
This initiative ensures free education for deprived students after completing class 10, “It’s about time that institutions like us come forward and embrace them, share their pain and offer them all the help they can. We are doing our bit by offering completely free education for 2 to 3 years.”

Those who want to avail this facility can visit nearest branch of MS education along with the death certificate, and any other supporting document confirming that the person or family member has died due to COVID-19. RT-PCR report or HRCT reports, hospital reports confirming death due to COVID-19 and even government certificates mentioning COVID-19 can be used for applications.

Last year, MS provided free education to children whose families have been affected by the floods.


Sabita holds rewiew meeting on reopening of educational institutions

Hyderabad: The continuous drop in the number of Covid cases has given a ray of hope for the managements of all educational institutions from the state. The State Education Minister Sabita Indra Reddy today held a review meeting with the officials of her department on the issue of the reopening of the all educational institutions.

The meeting discussed on the issue of conduct of online classes for intermediate and school students. The meeting has reportedly decided to reopen the educational institutions from the 16th of this month.

The education department is planning to hold the online classes from the eight standard to 10th standard.
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Hyderabad metro rail timing changed Check new rules for passenger

The Hyderabad Metro Rail service has rescheduled the metro timings after the Telangana government relaxed lockdown timing. As per Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of L&T Metro Rail(Hyderabad) Limited, KVB Reddy, “Metro Rail will start its first train from respective terminal stations at 7 am while the last train will start at 5pm and end at the respective terminating stations by 6 pm.” He advised passengers to follow all the COVID-19 safety guidelines including social distancing, wearing of face masks, regular hand sanitisation, and thermal screening.

“Passengers are requested to cooperate with security personnel and staff of Hyderabad Metro Rail in their efforts towards keeping their journey safe,” said KVB Reddy.
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Telangana state dignitary Maulana Hussamuddin Sani Aqil Jafar Pasha was insulted by the police.

Hyderabad, June 7 (MOH) Telangana police brutality during the lockdown is on the rise. Today at Afzal Ganj Police Station in Hyderabad, Telangana dignitaries Amir Millat, Member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Khatib of Jamia Masjid Darul Shifa, Superintendent of Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom Hyderabad  Maulana Hussamuddin Sani The police were rude. According to reports, Maulana was returning from Sangareddy and with just a few minutes to go before the lockdown restrictions began, the police stopped him and treated him worse than ordinary people. While Maulana also informed the police about his lockdown pass and said that there are still a few minutes left in the beginning of the ban and from here it is only two or three minutes way to reach home. But the police refused to listen to Maulana. He did not stop there but also misrepresented the local ACP saying that Maulana had insulted the policemen and had discussions with them. After the photos of Maulana Jaffar Pasha went viral on social media, media reporters reached Maulana’s house and demanded details of the incident. Maulana gave the details of the incident and said that the incident was the worst face of the Telangana friendly police and biased. Attitude revealed. Such incidents of police in the city and state are very unfortunate. Maulana said that as long as I was standing there, the police were arresting and harassing people of the same class. Which is a very dangerous process on the land of Ganga Jamuna. Maulana said that the Commissioner of Police who always impresses the people through his speeches does not see this attitude of his police. An incident like this happened to me today but there have been several incidents with the public over the last several days. The prevention of which is very inevitable. The personality of the Home Minister of our state cannot be expected in any way, so it is useless to appeal to him. After this incident that happened to Maulana, there is a lot of grief and anger among Maulana’s fans and relatives, especially the Ulema community. The public and scholars are demanding that strict action be taken against the abusive police officer and that he publicly apologize to Maulana.
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Distribution of Shaadi Mubarak Cheques !!!

Distribution of Shaadi Mubarak Cheques !!!

Distributed Shaadi Mubarak Cheques to 35 beneficiaries under Shaikpet Mandal at AIMIM Karwan Office in Hakeempet.

Each Cheque is worth Rs. 1,00,116.

Please reach out AIMIM office for assistance while applying for this scheme.
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Short circuit leads to fair at OMC bus stop in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: A fire broke out near the bus stand of Osmania Medical College, Koti, in the evening hours on Sunday, suspected to be from a short circuit. A transformer close to the bus stand caused the flames, say eyewitnesses. A sub-inspector (SI) with the Sultan Bazar police station said there was no human loss but the fire damaged a footwear store and a small paan shop including the sugarcane machine on the footpath.

The total property loss is estimated to be around Rs 1.4 lakh. The bus stand, which falls under the limits of Sultan Bazar police station, is situated opposite to the Sultan Bazar traffic police station.
The police noticed the engulfing fire at 7 pm and informed the firefighters. They reached the spot and extinguished the flames. The SI said the cause is likely to be a short circuit. Due to the recent rains, the wires of the transformer were loose and it might have caused the accident, he added.