Two years ago today, on this very day in Meerut Hashimpura, Uttar Pradesh, the police and the PAC force together brutally shed the blood of Muslims.

The Muslims around Meerut were accused of various things and the restrictions were increased
The PAC commander arrives in Hashimpura with his force after Friday prayers on May 2, 1987. He takes about 4 people with him. Most of the workers are poor and bunkers.
The police start beating them. Going a little further, this force kills the Muslims to quench their thirst for the barbarism of their Muslim enemy. They are killed and thrown into the Ganges canal.
The rest of the surviving Muslims understand what is going to happen to them. They fight to save their lives. At the same time, the bullets of the gun roasted them all together and then their bodies were thrown into the Hindon and Ganga. The PAC chief commander of the operation is Srinivasa Paul
42 Muslims are thus regularly killed by an Indian force, and thus these people quench their thirst for boiling anti-Islamic sentiment.

If you want to learn a lesson from this history and learn from the blood of these Muslims
So you should always remember that Rajiv Gandhi’s death anniversary was celebrated by some so-called Muslims. Rajiv was in power at that time. India was in the hands of the Congress party which was made a burden on the shoulders of Muslims. Seventy years were washed away by the Muslims, who continued to worship him politically. The same Congress was in power at the time of the Hashimpura massacre, but neither the secularism of Rajiv Gandhi of the Congress could execute the criminals nor the Muslims who brokered the Congress. I had so much pride and moral strength left to hold the Congress accountable, and then free the Muslims from the political slavery of the Congress, but alas, I don’t know how there were blind people who carried out hundreds of anti-Muslim massacres like Hashimpura. And in spite of the Babri Masjid martyrdom, the Congress continued slavery. In today’s political apathy of Muslims in India, the Congress, more than the BJP and the RSS, is the hand of those who kept the nation in Congress, and to this day. Our martyrs did not get justice.

May, 2021
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