Hyderabad. While there is public outrage over the police operation in the old city area, on the other hand, the police have the full support of the elected representatives. Following the Mughalpura incident, various comments and audio call recordings have been circulating on social media about the police action and measures, in which the audio recording of Assembly member Mumtaz Ahmad Khan has become a topic of discussion in which he justified the Mughalpura police action. He declared the arrested Muslim youths as vagrants. The burqa-clad girl who was hanging out with a Hindu Bihari boy was described as immoral and obscene. Audio recordings on the scene have spread like wildfire in the old city. In it, the person who spoke to Mumtaz Khan pulled him well. When Mumtaz Khan asked him to come home and talk face to face, the boy told him that he would come home if he asked for votes but he would ask me to come home to explain the problem. Mumtaz Khan got angry at the caller and threatened to reach home after finding the number and said that he has lived in this area all his life and I know who he is. The caller scolded Mumtaz Ahmad Khan for hitting him with a slipper and said that he did not know how to speak. The virality of this exciting audio call recording has caused a stir in the old city. Caller asked for some help and support and said that why not come forward in any matter while being a Muslim representative? It is interesting to note here that such an audio call recording came to light which is said to be of Mughalpura Inspector and Corporator in which the female Corporator condemned the police atrocities on Muslim youth and spoke in support of them. Of However, the separate stance of a corporator and a member of the Assembly belonging to the same party has caused concern and uneasiness among the people of the old city who are very much disturbed by the alleged atrocities of the police these days.
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