Hyderabad, June 7 (MOH) Telangana police brutality during the lockdown is on the rise. Today at Afzal Ganj Police Station in Hyderabad, Telangana dignitaries Amir Millat, Member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Khatib of Jamia Masjid Darul Shifa, Superintendent of Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom Hyderabad  Maulana Hussamuddin Sani The police were rude. According to reports, Maulana was returning from Sangareddy and with just a few minutes to go before the lockdown restrictions began, the police stopped him and treated him worse than ordinary people. While Maulana also informed the police about his lockdown pass and said that there are still a few minutes left in the beginning of the ban and from here it is only two or three minutes way to reach home. But the police refused to listen to Maulana. He did not stop there but also misrepresented the local ACP saying that Maulana had insulted the policemen and had discussions with them. After the photos of Maulana Jaffar Pasha went viral on social media, media reporters reached Maulana’s house and demanded details of the incident. Maulana gave the details of the incident and said that the incident was the worst face of the Telangana friendly police and biased. Attitude revealed. Such incidents of police in the city and state are very unfortunate. Maulana said that as long as I was standing there, the police were arresting and harassing people of the same class. Which is a very dangerous process on the land of Ganga Jamuna. Maulana said that the Commissioner of Police who always impresses the people through his speeches does not see this attitude of his police. An incident like this happened to me today but there have been several incidents with the public over the last several days. The prevention of which is very inevitable. The personality of the Home Minister of our state cannot be expected in any way, so it is useless to appeal to him. After this incident that happened to Maulana, there is a lot of grief and anger among Maulana’s fans and relatives, especially the Ulema community. The public and scholars are demanding that strict action be taken against the abusive police officer and that he publicly apologize to Maulana.
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