New Delhi: Congress has appointed poet Imran Pratap Garhi as the head of the party’s minority wing. According to a statement issued by the party’s general secretary KC Venugopal on Thursday, Congress president Sonia Gandhi has appointed Imran Pratap Garhi as president. Pratap Garhi has replaced Nadeem Javed. Imran Pratap Garhi is a poet by profession and has also played the role of a star campaigner for the Congress in the last several elections. In the last Lok Sabha elections, he contested from Muradabad on a Congress ticket even though he was defeated. However, a large section of Muslims do not welcome this decision of the Congress. People believe that even though Imran Pratap Turban gathers crowds of people because of his ability as a poet and singer, but he does not have enough political consciousness to represent the Muslims of the whole country. It is also believed that the BJP has been more cautious than the Congress in electing the head of the minority sector. It has appointed a scholar and Mufti Abdul Wahab Qasmi as the vice-president of the minority sector. He has been associated with the BJP for a long time and has a long political experience. Has been accepted.

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