Karimnagar: (Mohammad Abdul Hameed Qasmi) According to the report of Hafiz Mohammad Hakeem Khan (Vice President Safa Branch Karimnagar), Safa Bait-ul-Mal Branch Karimnagar which is a welfare institution in Karimnagar run under the direct supervision of scholars and guardians. It has been serving on the basis of humanity regardless of religion or nationality. Due to the recent Karuna epidemic, the government has shut down businesses in lockdown. Financial assistance was distributed among 50 people. On the occasion of this distribution, Maulana Kazim Al Hasani Sahab (President Safa Branch Karim Nagar), Hafiz Muhammad Waseem Ahmed Sahab, Hafiz Mirza Khalilullah Baig Sahab, Hafiz Muhammad Ismail Sahab and other members of Safa Branch Karim There were towns-

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