Ramdev’s comments about doctors and the allopathic system are getting longer. In this regard, the President of the Haryana Branch of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Dr. Karan Poonia, while demanding the arrest of Ramdev, also announced that all the doctors of the state would protest against this demand by wearing black bandages. And keep the OPD closed for two hours on June 3.

A memorandum was handed over to the Prime Minister and Home Minister by the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police demanding the arrest of Baba Ramdev, who ridiculed more than 1,300 doctors who lost their lives during Code-19, Dr Poonia said. Is.

He said that by calling the deceased doctors ‘traitors’, calling allopathy a futile science, calling oxygen a useless medicine, and considering himself above the law, he said that no one’s father had arrested him. Dr. Poonia said that no good man in the guise of a Baba or a Sadhu can use the language that he has been using.

Dr. Karan Poonia also said that the unapproved drug “Coronel” made by Baba Ramdev for the treatment of Corona virus would prove fatal. The patient will be confined to his home and will be rushed to the hospital in a coma, where it will be difficult to save his life.

He said that among the leaders of IMA at national and state level, Prof. JA Jayalal, National President of the Association, Dr. Rajan Sharma, Former National President, Dr. Jaish Lele, National General Secretary, Dr. Veed Prakash Beniwal, Patron of the State Unit, State Women Doctors Unit Principal Dr. Vandana Poonia, Secretary Dr. Anita Panwar, State Finance Secretary Dr. Swasti Sharma have also demanded that action be taken against Baba Ramdev as soon as possible.

It may be recalled that a zoom meeting of 38 state branches of IMA was held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister of State Dr. Kiran Poonia yesterday in which it was decided that on June 2, all IMA members of Haryana state should wear black belt and ribbon. They will demand the arrest of Ramdev and keep the OPD closed for two hours on June 3, during which only corona virus patients and emergency patients will be seen.
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