Attempts to weaken the voice of the Palestinian people, measures to save Israel a headache

Hyderabad: Social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, have started removing pro-Palestinian posts and thus trying to weaken the voice of those who support the Palestinian people. The public is being supported and every person who supports humanity on social media is supporting the oppressed Palestinians in their own way. In such a situation, this method of smoothing public opinion also began to be disliked by Facebook. This is because a pro-Palestinian post on Instagram, another social media platform of Facebook and Facebook itself, has been removed as a post supporting violence and it is being said that those who are Palestinians or oppressed Palestinians They are raising their voices for the rights and protection of Al-Aqsa Mosque. They are supporting the violence. Opponents of Israeli violence on Facebook and supporters of the oppressed Palestinians are being warned that their Facebook account will be blocked. Will be rejected because they are supporting violence. Recently by an Arabic artist The image of the Dome of the Rock was published in newspapers around the world by the artist on the wreckage, but the image was removed from Instagram and Facebook, prompting warnings for those who posted and shared the image. It was said that if such a post is made, the Facebook and Instagram accounts will be rejected and this post has been called a post inciting violence. During the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine. Following the post, Israel is now using social media to try to prevent the realization of the facts that have been inflicted on Palestinians in the name of war. The rights of oppressed Palestinians and their support on social media Attempts to stifle and stifle voices have made it appear that support for the Palestinian cause through social media has become a headache for Israel, which is why this approach is now being adopted.

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