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Telangana Gov begin Depositing Rythu bandhu amount on Jun 15

Hyderabad: Telangana State Agriculture Minister S Niranjan Reddy has said that the state government will deposit the Rythu Bandhu amount of Rs.5000 in the farmers account from June 15 to 25 for the upcoming Kharif season. The Minister added that under the scheme, all the eligible farmers who had pattadar passbooks with their details saved in the Dharani portal will receive Rs.5000 per acre as a financial assistance in their bank accounts.

The Agriculture Minister said that the farmers who were having bank accounts in the banks which were merged into other banks and failed to update the new IFSC codes have been advised to meet the Agriculture Extension Officer (AEO).
The Minister added that the farmers should submit their bank account details, pattadar passbooks and the Aadhar card to the AEO. The state government will update their details and deposit the Rythu Bandu amount.

Since 2018, the state government has been directly depositing the Rythu Bandhu amount into the bank account of the farmers.


Telangana state dignitary Maulana Hussamuddin Sani Aqil Jafar Pasha was insulted by the police.

Hyderabad, June 7 (MOH) Telangana police brutality during the lockdown is on the rise. Today at Afzal Ganj Police Station in Hyderabad, Telangana dignitaries Amir Millat, Member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Khatib of Jamia Masjid Darul Shifa, Superintendent of Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom Hyderabad  Maulana Hussamuddin Sani The police were rude. According to reports, Maulana was returning from Sangareddy and with just a few minutes to go before the lockdown restrictions began, the police stopped him and treated him worse than ordinary people. While Maulana also informed the police about his lockdown pass and said that there are still a few minutes left in the beginning of the ban and from here it is only two or three minutes way to reach home. But the police refused to listen to Maulana. He did not stop there but also misrepresented the local ACP saying that Maulana had insulted the policemen and had discussions with them. After the photos of Maulana Jaffar Pasha went viral on social media, media reporters reached Maulana’s house and demanded details of the incident. Maulana gave the details of the incident and said that the incident was the worst face of the Telangana friendly police and biased. Attitude revealed. Such incidents of police in the city and state are very unfortunate. Maulana said that as long as I was standing there, the police were arresting and harassing people of the same class. Which is a very dangerous process on the land of Ganga Jamuna. Maulana said that the Commissioner of Police who always impresses the people through his speeches does not see this attitude of his police. An incident like this happened to me today but there have been several incidents with the public over the last several days. The prevention of which is very inevitable. The personality of the Home Minister of our state cannot be expected in any way, so it is useless to appeal to him. After this incident that happened to Maulana, there is a lot of grief and anger among Maulana’s fans and relatives, especially the Ulema community. The public and scholars are demanding that strict action be taken against the abusive police officer and that he publicly apologize to Maulana.
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NAIDU visit at AIG HOSPITAL Gachibowli

HYDERABAD:- (LIVE) Breaking News :- CHANDRA BABU NAIDU Sahab Ne Congress MLA Seethakka k Maa Ko Dhekne AIG HOSPITAL pounche.
Gachibowli, Hyderabad.
AIG హాస్పిటల్లో లో మా అమ్మ సమ్మక్క యోగక్షేమాలు తెలుసుకొని నాకు ధైర్యం చెప్పిన చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు గారు.
AIG హాస్పిటల్, హైదరాబాద్.
Hyderabad:- NAIDU visit at AIG HOSPITAL Gachibowli @ Congress MLA Seethakka Mother is Admitted in Hospital.


Distribution of Shaadi Mubarak Cheques !!!

Distribution of Shaadi Mubarak Cheques !!!

Distributed Shaadi Mubarak Cheques to 35 beneficiaries under Shaikpet Mandal at AIMIM Karwan Office in Hakeempet.

Each Cheque is worth Rs. 1,00,116.

Please reach out AIMIM office for assistance while applying for this scheme.
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Short circuit leads to fair at OMC bus stop in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: A fire broke out near the bus stand of Osmania Medical College, Koti, in the evening hours on Sunday, suspected to be from a short circuit. A transformer close to the bus stand caused the flames, say eyewitnesses. A sub-inspector (SI) with the Sultan Bazar police station said there was no human loss but the fire damaged a footwear store and a small paan shop including the sugarcane machine on the footpath.

The total property loss is estimated to be around Rs 1.4 lakh. The bus stand, which falls under the limits of Sultan Bazar police station, is situated opposite to the Sultan Bazar traffic police station.
The police noticed the engulfing fire at 7 pm and informed the firefighters. They reached the spot and extinguished the flames. The SI said the cause is likely to be a short circuit. Due to the recent rains, the wires of the transformer were loose and it might have caused the accident, he added.


MLA camp office building Opening program in Medak town today.

Ministers Harish Rao, MLA Padmadevender Reddy, MLA Sheri Subhash Reddy and MP Prabhakar Reddy participated in the newly constructed Medak MLA camp office building opening program in Medak town today.

Municipal Chairman, Councilors, Constituency MPs, JDPTCs, Society Chairmen and Leaders participated.


Telangana to start free diagnostic centers in 19 district headquarters and major gov hospitals

The Telangana government will start diagnostic centres in 19 district headquarters and in major government hospitals from Monday, with the move paving the way for people to get many diagnostic tests, including for Covid-19, done free of cost.

While treatment for Covid-19 is free at government hospitals, patients often have to get several medical tests done at private diagnostic centres which charge hefty fees, increasing the financial burden on the economically backward people.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao had earlier directed health officials to set up the diagnostic centres at identified places so that eligible beneficiaries can get a battery of tests done, including blood and urine analysis, tests to determine diabetes and hypertension, as well as for diseases of liver, kidney, thyroid, lungs and even cancer, free of cost.
At a Covid review meeting on Saturday, Rao said that the cost of diagnostic tests leads to heavy economic burden on the people and therefore government diagnostic centres should be set up at district headquarters and at major government hospitals.

‘Medical investigations for different diseases are an important part of treatment now. Now, Covid patients have to undergo a lot of tests. The government doctors write prescriptions but patients often have to go to private clinics to get tested, spending a lot of money. This has led to heavy financial burden on the poor,” the CM said.

Health department officials said that 57 types of tests would be conducted at these centres, which include investigations for Covid-19. The list includes blood and urine tests as well as medical investigations for diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ailments, orthopaedic diseases, liver, kidney and thyroid-related X-ray.

The CM said that besides the common tests, certain special investigations which are expensive would also be done at these centres free of cost. He added that the test reports will be delivered directly to the registered mobile numbers of patients.

Rao further said that very expensive equipment with state-of-the-art technology has been installed at these centres. Such costly equipment has been available till now only in private hospitals and in major government hospitals like Gandhi, Osmania and NIMs, he added.

Among the testing equipment that have been installed are fully automatic immunoassay analyser, five-part cell counters, fully automatic urine analysers, machines for ECG, 2-D Echo, ultrasound, digital X-Ray, CT scan and other imaging testing units. These equipment work very fast and produce 400 to 800 reports per hour.

The CM said the government has ensured that adequate pathologists, microbiologists, radiologists and other staff needed to conduct the tests are posted at these centres.

Elaborating further, the CM added, ‘For medical treatment, medical expenses that patients have to bear include transport costs to reach the hospital, doctor’s fee, cost of medicines and diagnostic tests, expenses in the in-patient ward and also transport charges to come back home after discharge. In case of death, there are also funeral expenses. The government is bearing all these expenses and offering free treatment in government hospitals.’

He added, ‘The government runs 428 ambulances under the 108 ambulance service. Moreover, 300 vehicles are already in operation under the Amma Vodi Scheme, which provides free transport cost to pregnant women when they travel to hospitals and come back home after delivery. In the diagnostic centres which are starting from Monday, the government has made arrangements for poor patients availing treatment under the PHCs on the doctor’s advice to get their samples sent to the nearest centre. This will ensure that samples are tested on time and reports delivered quickly.’
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Telangana:Rainfall Expected In the next three days

Hyderabad: The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted that Telangana may continue to witness rainfall in the next three days. The weather department in its bulletin have mentioned that several districts have witnessed signs of monsoon arrival resulting.

Due to the heavy rains electricity was disrupted in various districts namely Narayanpet, Gadwal, Wanaparty, Nagarkurnool, Mahbubnagar, Vikarabad, Sanga Reddy, Nalgonda, Khammam, Ranga Reddy, Hyderabad, Medchal and Malkajgiri.

Concerned authorities have also received complaints of water stagnation in low lying areas whereas suburban areas of the city have recorded drop in temperatures.
Due to the continuous rainfall, the state government instructed the district collectors to take necessary steps to safeguard the godowns which stores the agricultural produce and to ensure the farmers products are safe.

According to the weather department Mahbubnagar district received the highest rainfall. Kakatiya Hills, Madhapur, Chandanagar, Khwajaguda, Gachibowli and other places recorded more than 50mm of heavy rainfall in the GHMC limits while suburban areas Medchal, Malkajgiri and AS Rao Nagar also recorded rainfall.


The third wave of Corona is scheduled for September or October

New Delhi: The people of the country are now facing the second wave of Corona, the third wave has been warned. VK Saraswat, a member of the Nitiya Ayog, said that India has coped well with the second wave of corona epidemic and therefore the number of new cases of the epidemic has come down significantly. At the same time, he stressed that preparations must be made to deal with the third wave. “The third wave is more likely to affect young people,” he said.
Saraswat said the country’s experts had given very clear indications that a third wave of corona epidemic was imminent. It is expected to start in September or October, he said, adding that the country’s maximum population should be vaccinated.
It should be noted that during the second wave of Corona, the people of the country faced shortage of beds, oxygen, medicines in the hospitals and also faced difficulties in performing the last rites of those who died of the virus.
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