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Telangana Private Hospitals overcharging, Lodge Complaint On this Number

Hyderabad: Health authorities in Telangana on Tuesday cautioned people to be wary of private hospitals overcharging patients for providing COVID-19 treatment.

Addressing a press conference here, Director of Public Health and Family Welfare Dr G. Srinivasa Rao said action was being taken against private hospitals for overcharging COVID-19 patients.

A private hospital’s license to treat COVID-19 cases has been cancelled while show cause notices have been issued to three more hospitals for excess billing or injudicious oxygen usage, Rao said.

Register complaint here

Rao said grievances regarding medical services and billing by private hospitals can be lodged through Whatsapp number 9154170960.

He pointed out that 26 complaints against private hospitals have already been lodged on this number.


Isolated thunderstorm in Telangana for next 48 hourse

HYDERABAD: Telangana state may witness isolated thunderstorms during the next 48 hours, officials of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) have said.

During the last 24 hours, the highest rainfall in the state of 18.1 mm was recorded in Ranga Reddy district. Hyderabad witnessed maximum rain of 14.5 mm at Asifnagar.

Many parts of the city were greeted by booming sounds of thunderstorms on Tuesday morning. Several parts recorded rain but it was intense on the outskirts. Disaster management teams of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation swung into action to deal with the situation.


District SP Shri KKN Anburajan IPS specially congratulated Constable Baba Fakhruddin and Home Guard Subbarao for expressing their humanity.

There was an orphaned corpse in the Maduru sewer near Subbireddy Kottala in Proddatur town of Kadapa district and the people there were panicked as it was corona time.
Proddatur immediately informed the command control.
Hutahutina rushed to the spot after Command Control passed information to Constable Baba Fakhruddin and Home Guard Subbarao, who were on duty there.
When the corona was booming .. the people who had gathered there were sent home and the unidentified corpse that was trapped in the dirty canal was found and sent for postmortem.
Provided information to all police stations for their relatives. Locals and dignitaries congratulated Constable Baba Fakhruddin and Home Guard Subbarao for expressing their humanity in the current dire situation in Corona.

District SP Shri KKN Anburajan IPS specially congratulated Constable Baba Fakhruddin and Home Guard Subbarao for expressing their humanity.


PFI calls on global community to impose sanctions on Israel

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has called on the international community to come up with stronger stands and impose sanctions on Israel similar to ones imposed on Apartheid South Africa.


Mr Salam also welcomed India’s support for the Palestinian cause. The country’s ambassador T S Tirumurti has unequivocally reiterated India’s support for the Palestinian cause.


O M A Salam further condemned indiscriminate Israeli bombardment on the besieged population of Gaza, which claimed more than two hundred lives, above 25% of which are children, and left several others injured.


”The root of the issue is I srael’s denial of human rights to Palestinian people and its disdain for international covenants. Despite multiple UN resolutions and international condemnation, Israel has never stopped land grab and forced expulsion of Palestinians,” he added.


People’s protests and resistance against it were often responded with brute force and killings. It’s a genocide that is happening as the world watches.


The OI C and Arab nations that have nonnalized ties with Israel should prove their commitment to their words of support to Palestine by cutting off all diplomatic and economic ties with Israel, Salam added.

Israel should be held accountable for the crimes they have been committing and it is the only way forward to prevent further bloodshed.




Note Talking About Ceasefire, Death Toll climbs as Hamas Fires more rockets at Israel


Fighting between Israel and Hamas became deadly again on Tuesday after fresh fatalities were reported on both sides.

Cross-border fighting between Israel and Hamas forces has led to the deaths of 213 Palestinians. This includes 61 children and 36 women, according to data from Gaza’s health ministry.

The death toll on the Israeli side rose to 12 when a volley of rockets Hamas fired at the southern Eshkol region killed two Thai nationals working in a factory and wounded several others, police said.

Israel seems to be in no hurry to announce a ceasefire and has vowed to continue attacks against the armed groups Hamas as well as Islamic Jihad.


Lockdown extended till May 30 in Telangana


Hyderabad: The ongoing lockdown in the State in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, has been extended till May 30. Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao took a decision in this regard after consulting the State Cabinet over the phone and eliciting the views of all the Ministers on Tuesday.


The Chief Minister directed Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar to issue formal orders for extending the lockdown. Further, he cancelled the State Cabinet meeting scheduled to be held on May 20 as the Ministers are busy in Covid control measures and providing medical services to the patients in the districts.




ہم وزیر اعظم کی نافہمی کی قیمت ادا کر رہے ہیں، شاہد جمیل کے استعفیٰ پر اویسی کا اظہار خیال

ملک کے مشہور اورماہر وائرسولوجسٹ شاہد جمیل نے سائنسدانوں کے فورم آف ایڈوائزری گروپ سے استعفیٰ دے دیاہے۔ان کے استعفے کے بعد سیاسی بیان بازی شروع ہوگئی۔ اے آئی ایم آئی ایم کے صدر اور رکن پارلیمنٹ اسدالدین اویسی نے مرکزی حکومت کو نشانہ بنایا ہے۔ انہوں نے الزام لگایاہے کہ آئی این ایس اے سی اوجی نے وزیر اعظم آفس کوخطرناک وبا کے بارے میں آگاہ کیاتھالیکن حکومت نے اس پر کوئی توجہ نہیں دی۔ یہ فورم کوروناوائرس کی مختلف اقسام کا پتہ لگانے کے لیے تشکیل دیا گیا تھا۔ جمیل سائنسی ایڈوائزری گروپ کے فورم INSACOG کے چیئرمین تھے۔پیرکے روزاپنے ٹویٹ میں اویسی نے لکھا ہے کہ یہ ایک سرکاری سائنسی مشاورتی گروپ ہے جس کے صدر ایس جمیل نے استعفیٰ دے دیاہے۔ اس نے مارچ کے اوائل میں وزیر اعظم کے دفتر کو خطرناک انڈین مومنٹ کے بارے میں متنبہ کیا تھالیکن حکومت نے اس طرف کوئی توجہ نہیں دی۔ جمیل نے کھلے عام کہاہے کہ حکومت نے سائنس کو کوئی اہمیت نہیں دی۔ ہم مودی کی سائنسی تفہیم کی قیمت ادا کر رہے ہیں۔


Poisoning of Sudarshan Channel. News against Masjid Nabavi

HYDERABAD: The Sudarshan News Channel, which has been poisoning Muslims and Islam, has once again hurt the feelings of Muslims in the Islamic world by releasing anti-Islam News. This time, the Sudarshan Channel showed an animation about the attack on the Madinah Mosque. The Haramain Sharifeen strongly condemned the news and said that the Sudarshan Channel of India showed animation of the destruction of the symbol of Masjid Nabavi to increase the rating. The channel must immediately issue an apology for desecrating a major Islamic symbol and hurting the feelings of Muslims around the world. Meanwhile, various Islamic organizations have expressed outrage over the Sudarshan Channel’s news. And demanded a ban on the channel.



Lockdown :Hyderabad Cops Are Soft, but strike On Violators

lockdown, there is one glaring difference that is visible. This time, the approach of the police, so far, has been different. Soft, but strict. Strict, but not harsh.

Ever since the State government announced the lockdown, police in the three commissionerates in the capital region have been working round the clock to ensure maximum compliance of the lockdown. Apart from creating awareness among people, the cops have also not gone too soft, with strict action being taken against those violating the norms.

According to officials, more than 45,000 people have been booked for violating various Covid-19 guidelines in Hyderabad, Rachakonda and Cyberabad in the last five days.